World Eco-Tourism Programs

Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, the USA.

ECONEWS programs, produced and hosted by Professor Nancy Pearlman, play on educational channels throughout the United States. Also, theaters. Now, the programs appear on YouTube / VideoAdventures and other internet syndicators.

Other documentaries appear on outlets for rent or sale. Or to advance development projects with other Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGOs).

Airlines, tour companies, hotels, restaurants, religious groups, and individuals sponsored these TV documentaries.

Special thanks to Ethiopian Airlines, the new leader in travel to Africa. Offering flights from the United States, with a stop in Dublin, Ireland, then onward to East Africa, Ethiopian Airline now serves the world with their center in Addis Ababa radiating flights to the cities of Africa and the Middle East. So efficient, so elegant, so gracious.

Malaysian Airlines also sponsored tours of ancient rainforests of Tamanagara and Langkawi. See the ASIA section for those programs.

Other companies contributed equipment and materials. Canon, XA10 video cameras. Manfrotto, tripods and pan/tilt heads. Blue Nook, Wasabi batteries. Tascam, audio recorders. Shure, hand-held microphones. SanDisk, 32gB cards. LowePro, load bearing equipment. Insect Shield, clothing and hats. Merrell, boots. Red Bull, energy throughout the world.

See EQUIPMENT for reviews of the cameras, tripods, media in action.

Professor Nancy Pearlman of ECONEWS hosts most of the programs. She negotiated and produced the documentaries for her ECONEWS television series.